Moving Day: Part 3 and 4

Yesterday, we completed the sale of our house. Its a strange experience. Ordinarily, you would be thrilled about your new house and this might temper the sadness of leaving your home. Instead, we are moving abroad and are going to rent so we don’t have another house yet.

So, we walked around the empty house remembering good times. Remembering renovation projects. Touching the range cooker and hoping to have another one, someday. It was bittersweet.

It bothers me to think of someone else living in my house.

Today, was another milestone for our move. My husband has set off for our new home nation. Weeks ago we decided that he should go a week ahead to start his new job without distraction.

Last night and this morning this seemed a pretty stupid idea.

Practically, logically, this makes sense. The job will be intense and he needs to be rested and focused.

Experientially, it also makes sense. I’ve moved to a new country on my own before. Its exciting and terrifying. I wouldn’t want to take that feeling away from him.

As a family, all the of us would prefer to be together.

Today, he set off on the next great Clark adventure. Next week, the reedy of us will follow.


Mr Clark in the galleon at the front, the rest of us making up the rear guard.


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