Moving Day: Part 3 and 4

Yesterday, we completed the sale of our house. Its a strange experience. Ordinarily, you would be thrilled about your new house and this might temper the sadness of leaving your home. Instead, we are moving abroad and are going to rent so we don’t have another house yet.

So, we walked around the empty house remembering good times. Remembering renovation projects. Touching the range cooker and hoping to have another one, someday. It was bittersweet.

It bothers me to think of someone else living in my house.

Today, was another milestone for our move. My husband has set off for our new home nation. Weeks ago we decided that he should go a week ahead to start his new job without distraction.

Last night and this morning this seemed a pretty stupid idea.

Practically, logically, this makes sense. The job will be intense and he needs to be rested and focused.

Experientially, it also makes sense. I’ve moved to a new country on my own before. Its exciting and terrifying. I wouldn’t want to take that feeling away from him.

As a family, all the of us would prefer to be together.

Today, he set off on the next great Clark adventure. Next week, the reedy of us will follow.


Mr Clark in the galleon at the front, the rest of us making up the rear guard.


Moving Day: Part 2

Day 1 was exciting. Day 2 is just boring. Yesterday I had some company to chat with while they packed up the house. Today, I’m on my own, with no place to sit, no TV to watch, no books to read, no food to eat, no glasses to drink out of, bored to death.

There have been a few exciting parts. For instance, the TV is firmly stuck to the shelf it sits on. Firmly. They cannot remove it without damaging the shelf or the TV or both. My husband is excited that he might get a new TV. We’ll wait and see…

All in all there has been one major life lesson learned: paying people to pack you’re house is worth every single penny. No matter how many pennies they charge. Having your company pay for the move is somewhat akin to winning the lottery. Especially if its an overseas move.

Moving Day: part 1

Today the blokes arrived to pack up our house.

Firstly, this is amazing. It would take us months to do what they have done in a day.

Secondly, this is stressful because you have to get the house ready in a very short amount of time. I was up at 430 this morning washing dishes and throwing away non essentials.

Thirdly, its a bit sad. Its your house they are packing. Your underpants. I spent an hour this afternoon sat in a wicker chair on the street in front if the house drinking coffee with a much loved neighbour. It makes you wonder: will my new neighbours be half as good as my current neighbours?

But, worst and most wonderful of all, it makes the entire move very, unavoidably real. There is no backing out now! We will be moving. Imminently.


Next to last…

Today is the penultimate day of my career.

Today is the penultimate night I’ll spend in my lovely, first home. The home I brought my son to when he was born. The home I left to get married from. The home I lovingly decorated.

Clearly, the house is more significant to me than my career!

I recognise that change is good. I knew that this move is amazing for my family. I accept that my new neighbors make living in my house a nightmare.

We have looked forward to this last moment for so long that now that its here it is a surprise and full of bittersweet emotions.

Today is the next to last.


A picture of the front room decorated for Christmas after we had redecorated.

Beginning Of The End But Not Yet The End Of The Beginning.

Life in the world of the Clarkaramas rarely stands still long enough for us to be still, breathe and take in the very lovely scenery. This year has been no exception.

Mr Clarkarama is moving us. Not just to another house or town or county – he’s taking us abroad. I’ve quit my job. The little fella had given notice at his school. Its an entirely new start. Its rather exciting and write a bit scary too.

Today was my final faculty meeting. Ever. The kids are calling me a retiree. The staff are too.

Its the beginning of the end but not yet the start of our new beginning.


All Change!

Cleaning Closets

Today I cleaned out the closet in the master bedroom. My stuff, not my husband’s.

I made a few startling discoveries:
1. I don’t clean out closets often enough.
2. Clothes that are a decade old need to move on to greener pastures.
4. I have a shoe situation.
I buy them, wear them one or twice and put them back in the box and stack the boxes at the rear of the closet.

Hoarding behaviour.

I’m not seen as a hoarder by any if my friends. They come to my house and generally comment on its tidiness.

There is a lesson to be learned. Deep down inside everyone there is a problem or an issue. Its just that some of us have deeper closets.

Look around your friends, maybe one of them needs help too!