I recently met up with a new friend from ‘back home’ and was encouraged to pick up my barely started blog, once again. So, it’s been 3 years of near constant adventure. Little Clark is now Big Boy Clark (BB) and he’s been joined by Little Girl Clark (LG). Clarkarama is now a foursome.

Last weekend we went to Munich. Mr C is a big BMW fan, BB likes cars and Mrs C has a deep appreciation for German cities (they are very impressive). Munich did not disappoint! It was a terrific place to spent 3 days and we could easily have spent more time there. We went to Biergartens, fabulous parks, the beautiful Old Town and saw the Glockenspiel operate (11am) at the Rathaus. We saw castles and statuary, the BMW Welt and even a pretty decent aquarium. It was action packed and everywhere was very welcoming of the children. We can’t wait to return.


Beginning Of The End But Not Yet The End Of The Beginning.

Life in the world of the Clarkaramas rarely stands still long enough for us to be still, breathe and take in the very lovely scenery. This year has been no exception.

Mr Clarkarama is moving us. Not just to another house or town or county – he’s taking us abroad. I’ve quit my job. The little fella had given notice at his school. Its an entirely new start. Its rather exciting and write a bit scary too.

Today was my final faculty meeting. Ever. The kids are calling me a retiree. The staff are too.

Its the beginning of the end but not yet the start of our new beginning.


All Change!