Sanctimoms, sigh.

I don’t ever want to be accused of not embracing modernity. I use the internet, I have a Karcher Window Cleaner (but I am not very impressed with it). We use state of the art German car seats. However, as a kid this was how my cousins and I would ride around during the summer in my grandmother’s station wagon:

I wish I had an actual picture because, in retrospect, it was astonishing. No seatbelt, hell there wasn’t even a seat! ┬áMiraculously, we all survived.

I am not advocating a return to the reckless 1970’s. Kids should be kept safe and child seats keep children safe. This is without question. Like Climate Change.

Until this happens: Sanctimom in my neighbourhood: “I keep my children rear facing until they are 8.”

I seriously thought she was joking. I know, Sweden, but that is only until age 4. Now there is a movement to keep the poor kids rear facing until 8? Why 8? Why not 10 or 14? Maybe the whole family should ride around backwards all the time?

What does that look like?


Not very comfortable is what it looks like. Can you imagine riding like that for 21 hours to Disney World?

I know that this will really bother some of the Sanctimoms out there. They will shout in the manner of Marge Simpson: “But the children!?!” Worse still, they might brand me a bad mother. However, I have nieces and nephews who throw up when they forward face, this would make every school trip or supermarket run a journey into the very depths of hell. At what point do we draw a line? I fear that by the time my kids get married, they will have to first climb out of their rear facing car seats and then get out of the limo.

Sanctimoms, sigh.